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The Sacred Art of Anointing

The secrets of the ancients revealed for the first time in countless centuries! "The Sacred Art of Anointing", by renowned aromatic alchemist Allison Stillman, is the definitive book on anointing, and is based on twenty years of anointing people from across the globe. This book seeks to educate the reader about the ceremonial use of consecrated essential oils to make, or declare one sacred, holy, and Divine. "The Sacred Art of Anointing" has recently been added to the Harvard Theological Library.

"The Sacred Art of Anointing" is a comprehensive guide to the alchemical art of anointing as practiced in the ancient temples of Egypt. Providing enlightening insight, it enables the reader to create various ceremonies: for health and well being, to develop inner wisdom and guidance, to induce deeper states of relaxation, and to awaken higher states of consciousness and Divine realization.

Looking at the historical use of aromatics in spiritual and religious ceremony, Allison Stillman has reclaimed anointing and combined its Divine mystery with modern research. She brings a new awareness to a sacred art with compelling information about essential oils, crystals and gemstones, sound therapy, and the art of consecration; which allows the reader to shift into a more balanced, graceful, and abundant way of life.

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Sacred Art of Anointing Book
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