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The Anointing Ceremony

Allison Stillman is a visionary aromatic alchemist and ordained minister who lives in the anointing capital of the world, Ojai, CA. Allison is one of the world's leading authorities on anointing, and has performed anointing ceremonies for 25 years.

Anointing heralds back thousands of years as one of the oldest and most traditional use of aromatics, or pure essential oils. Anointing is a rite whereupon we use these holy oils in a ceremony of application for the purpose of consecration. This sacred dedication has been practiced as a method of invoking Divinity and awakening consciousness.

Allison offers a variety of different anointing ceremonies, from large group anointing ceremonies, to intimate one on one anointing rites of passage. Her anointing rites of passage are a life transforming experience, a deep immersion into the magical and alchemical world of aromachology that can generate quantum shifts in life.

In addition to the various anointing ceremonies, Allison also performs sacred wedding ceremonies, birth blessings, house blessings, and last rites.

To schedule an anointing ceremony, contact us.

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