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~Thank you dedicated aromatic lovers for your continued interest in the world of aromatic alchemy.

The Alchemy of Abundance
October 4th, 2014 1-4 PM
Join us for an intimate exploration of the principals needed in order to manifest abundance in our lives on all levels. As spiritual entrepreneurs, our path is one that varies from most, and there are tools we can use to circumnavigate the blocks and fears that keep us from manifesting everything our heart desires. We will be using sacred aromatics, sound and meditation to journey deep into the subconscious and free ourselves from any patterns of lack and limitation that could possibly hold us back from the most abundant expression of our Divine birthright as unlimited beings.
Please RSVP for address and to reserve your spot for this magical offering, space will be limited!
Cost: $72.00 (includes a bottle of the sacred aromatic Abundance blend)

December 27th, 2014 1-5 PM
Come and celebrate the end of 2014 and the beginning of a brand new year and new cycle of life. We will spend time in ceremony and aromatic immersion to tap into the deepest part of our hearts and identify the long held dreams we wish to manifest in 2015. We will then put the dream to life as we create dream boards to assist us in our visualizations on a daily basis, which aid in manifesting our heart's content.
RSVP for address and to reserve your space, very limited.
Cost: $72.00 (Includes all materials)

I am also at work on a 6 week online Aromatic Summit, coming soon!~
I will still be seeing private clients and my oils are available for purchase as well, stay tuned!~

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I believe that Allison Stillman is the High Priestess of The Sacred Art of Anointing. Her innate and intuitive ability to work with essential oils and their unlimited, magical possibilities is way beyond the realms of emotional, mental or physical understanding. Only with the connection to the Divine, as created in the anointing process are you then able to conjure an idea of what the experience creates for you. There you will begin to articulate the experience as it is defined completely without words.

Allison is highly gifted and immensely gracious. I am eternally grateful to her for everything that she is and for placing me in grace with the Sacred Art of Anointing as she has.

If you have yet to experience Allison's pure LOVE magic, I highly recommend that you set your path to connect with her. You will change for the better, transform in the presence of love and in that, you will grow immensely. Treat yourself to some time with Allison Stillman (an immeasurable pleasure in and of itself) and simply allow her to be there (in her way) for you. You will be so happy that you did.

Warning Ö you will never be the same.

Certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master
Ventura, CA

I love you, Allison Stillman and am forever grateful for the light and love that flows through you and the psychic, and spiritual partnership that we have in the ethers to enhance the Unfolding of my Life's Purpose. You are a true Priestess and a true artisan of Alchemical Transformation.

Certified Master Aromatherapist
Organic Infusions, Inc
Founder and President

In the next phase of the anointing, I saw through my closed eyelids a celestial scene and felt the presence of angels floating above where I lay. She placed certain crystals on top of the blanket across various areas of my body and although I could not see their type or color, I felt their power through the gravity until even the gravity lifted.
My life has been fortunate in that Iíve been blessed with very good health. But when I was about 12, I fell off a bicycle into a ditch. My right knee took the brunt of the fall and a scar exists there even today. She focused on this area more than any other and when her hands covered it, it felt very warm. Hot, in fact. It was as if she was taking away even the memory of that pain.
Soft music, the kind that settles the mind and helps focus meditation played in the background. At times I noticed it and at times I was spiritually elsewhere. At one point I thought I heard rain falling, but at that point I was off wandering in some cool, green wooded glen in my mind.
But then the singing bowls started. You donít normally feel that your cells can see fireworks, but once she began the tones, I felt that each cell in my body had a pair of eyes and all were watching bright, spectacular colors against a black night sky. And sometimes beyond the fireworks, I could see the stars floating in the heavens beyond.
After the singing bowls, Allee revisited my body with loving touch. The best part was when she was patting my head and hair like a loving mother soothes an infant.
I had to wonder how many others have had both an anointing and a baptism on the same day. It made me feel as though I was the most blessed woman on the face of the entire planet Earth.
The memory of that day will last forever, especially since Allee sent a small vial of essential oil home with me.

Phoenix, AZ

My session with you really helped me move a big piece I have been chipping away at for a long time. I can't even describe how incredible it feels to have that shift! I can hold and allow more joy, bliss, peace and grace through me and in me than ever before. Priceless! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

San Diego, CA

Testimonial with Hemalayaa


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