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Romancing the Divine anointing oils are handcrafted with pure essential oils, and blended with love by renowned aromatic alchemist, Allison Stillman.


PEACE is a daily, a weekly, a monthly practice gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.

PEACE is our latest aromatic creation, inspired by the Masters to invoke a subtle feeling in the heart that permeates the soul and induces quietude, contentment and bliss. Lavender, blue chamomile, holy basil, ylang ylang, sweet orange, and a touch of rosa damascena in a base of organic jojoba oil.

PEACE 5 ml. $30.00

LOVE is an intoxicating blend of anointing oils used for thousands of years to expand the heart. This luscious combination of aromatics will attract and enrich love in your life. Rose, cardamom, sandalwood, rosewood, jasmine and ylang ylang in a jojoba base.

LOVE 5ml $30.00

ABUNDANCE is a blend of anointing oils that have historically and quite literally, been "worth their weight in gold". The rich oils are known for their ability to enhance powers of manifestation. Ginger, patchouli, cinnamon, frankincense, and orange in a jojoba base.

ABUNDANCE 5ml $30.00

MEDITATION is a sacred combination of anointing oils used throughout history to induce altered states of awareness and consciousness. This heady blend of aromatics will induce deep states of relaxation and meditation. Frankincense, cedarwood, myrrh, sandalwood, spikenard, and spruce in a jojoba base.

MEDITATION 5ml $30.00

BREATH OF LIFE is a restorative blend of the spicy aromatics that have been used throughout time to balance the respiratory tract, especially when convalescing from inflammatory conditions such as colds, flu and bronchitis. Eucalyptus, ravensara, rosemary and peppermint in a jojoba base.

BREATH OF LIFE 5ml $30.00

REAL EASE is a potent combination of the essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This blend can be used to reduce swelling, bruising and inflammation. Helichrysum, rosemary, wintergreen, and peppermint in a jojoba base.

REAL EASE 5ml $30.00


Signature HeartScent Anointing Oils are custom blended by Allison Stillman to produce distinctive scents that are unique to each personality and are based on in-depth inquiries into each individual.

To develop your individual HeartScent, you will book a consultation, answering an in depth questionnaire to determine the most appropriate oils for your unique blend, and Allison will then blend the precise combination of pure, high-grade essential oils to create your perfect HeartScent.

To create your very own signature HeartScent, please contact us.

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